SkyVision launches a new iDirect hub and offers Pan-African coverage on C-Band and Ku-Band

Telecom Lead America: SkyVision Global Networks, a provider of IP connectivity over satellite and fiber optic systems, has launched a new iDirect hub and is now offering full Pan-African coverage on both C-Band and Ku-Band.

SkyVision has also upgraded its networks to iDirect’s iDX 3.1 operating software. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

SkyVision’s new iDirect hub is operating on the Amos-5 Ku-band satellite, which covers southern and sub-Saharan Africa, and complements SkyVision’s existing C-band coverage for a complete Pan-African network.

In addition to its new hub, SkyVision also owns and operate iDirect hubs in North America, the Middle East, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, DRC and Zimbabwe.

iDirect’s iDX 3.1 operating software enables SkyVision to deliver a cost-effective VSAT solution for its customers.

SkyVision leveraged iDirect’s over-the-air upgrade capabilities to perform smooth software upgrade to thousands of sites. SkyVision has also lowered costs on the remote side through the deployment of iDirect’s new Evolution X1 remote, a new low power, compact, and easy-to-install remote that is ideal for large-scale deployments.

“We are thrilled to broaden SkyVision’s activities in Africa by providing high quality connectivity to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding African economy. We have long relied on the iDirect platform to deliver reliable connectivity to our customers. The efficiencies of iDX 3.1 and the Evolution X1 allow us to expand our operations further,” said Itai GALMOR, vice president Marketing, SkyVision.

“With the iDX 3.1 release, we reduced costs and improved efficiency on both the hub and remote side, giving our partners a solution that allows them to expand their VSAT networks easily and affordably. We’ve had a very strong relationship with SkyVision for many years and are very proud to support their continued efforts to bring Internet connectivity to Africa,” said Majdi ATOUT, regional vice president, Middle East/Africa, iDirect.

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