T-Mobile offers Home Internet Backup targeting cable and fiber customers

T-Mobile has introduced Home Internet Backup that will offer a backup 5G internet connection to internet service provider (ISP) customers — like cable and fiber — in case their primary service goes down.
T-Mobile home internet serviceT-Mobile offers broadband plans like Home Internet and Home Internet Plus to over five million customers in the United States.

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. internet users said their internet goes out at least a few times a month, according to data from CivicScience. Cable and fiber internet customers can use T-Mobile’s new Home Internet Backup plan during unexpected outages.

Home Internet Backup will be available in T-Mobile stores and online via chat at www.t-mobile.com/home-internet-backup.

The price of T-Mobile’s Home Internet Backup is $30 a month with AutoPay. Customers that also have an eligible T-Mobile voice line can pick it up for $20 a month with AutoPay for a limited time.

T-Mobile’s Home Internet Backup comes with 130 GB of 5G data a month and a 5G gateway at no extra cost. There are NO monthly equipment fees for T-Mobile Home Internet Backup customers.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, a fixed wireless service, is currently available to more than 50 million homes nationwide.

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