Telecom predictions for 2018 by Deloitte India

Vodafone customer with smartphoneDeloitte India has released its Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) predictions) for 2018.

The report said more than 90 percent of all mobile subscribers will comprise of broadband subscribers by 2023.

The report said OTT platforms will gradually become a preferred medium over television, with consumers of vernacular content likely to become over 2.5 times that of English language content by 2021.

The number of implementations and pilot projects using machine learning technology is likely to double in 2018 and then doubling again in 2020.

“Catalyzed by the availability of cost effective computing infrastructure and flexible business models through Cloud computing, and the adoption of exponential technologies such as AI, ML, AR, IoT etc., technology sector in India is truly at an inflection point,” said PN Sudarshan, partner at Deloitte India.

Technologies like LTE, LTE-A, LTE-A Pro and 5G will make wireless internet commercially more viable for home internet users.

Internet of Things

IoT-driven enterprise solutions would help organizations redefine their business models and provide innovative services for their customers; investments will not only be assessed on KPIs, but also will involve new product launches, new supply chains and a new operating model that enables organizations to monetize their services across value chains, leveraging IoT.


Enterprises will combine external perspectives, social inputs such as surveys, social media comments, response to a feedback questionnaire to the internal data sources to improve customer service. Device data will be integrated faster and on-demand to answer immediate field needs.


More than 60 percent of all broadband subscribers would be utilizing VoLTE technology for voice services by 2023 surpassing 5 billion subscribers globally. IoT appliances can be enhanced with VoLTE improving the productivity and efficiency of applications and especially effectiveness in emergency situations.

Wi-Fi would be essential part of service provider network strategy to enhance access and extend coverage. With VoLTE supporting VoWi-Fi (Wi-Fi calling), it would be an opportunity to monetize hot-spots especially relevant in the Asia-Pacific region which would constitute 45 percent of global hotspots.

Sports Media

Indian sports business will continue to attract global investments. Broadcasters are paying attention to rural segment, especially with Tier 2 leagues beginning to receive widespread attention. Data analytics will play a significant role in managing sports, especially on initiatives such as fan engagement and viewership on digital platforms.

Wireless Home Internet

Due to challenges in deployment of fixed broadband networks, rural internet penetration in India stands at ~ 17 percent. Demand for fixed broadband would be limited to consumers with higher bandwidth / QoS requirements, with majority of home internet requirements catered through wireless network.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR service providers are helping enterprises to use AR as part of their digital experience strategy. India’s $150 billion technology services industry has the potential to play a key role in increasing the adoption of AR by building a robust supply of talent, business models, and frameworks to accelerate deployments.

The public sector also has the opportunity to leverage the product and talent ecosystem in the country and adopt AR for improving the quality of experience in areas such as Education and Healthcare.