Telekom Austria in pact with Eutelsat to expand satellite broadband

Telekom Austria Group has tied up with Eutelsat Communications to expand satellite broadband in Central and Eastern Europe.

The telecom operator with 23 million customers will benefit from Eutelsat’s satellite broadband service offers download speeds of up to 22 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps.

One out of three households has no Internet access in some operating countries of the Telekom Austria Group.

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Telekom Austria Group can also offer triple play services comprising broadband, voice calls and television (via the EUTELSAT 16A satellite) to any home in the region, using a single dish.

Telekom Austria Group’s new satellite broadband service is available in Austria through its A1 Telekom and A1 retail stores. The other regions will be covered in early 2015.

Communicating direct with Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite, the service requires a small satellite dish and modem and operates without the need for a fixed telephone line.

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