TIM offers 1000 MB broadband in Milan

TIM investment
TIM is launching broadband offering up to 1000 MB on the new FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network in Milan.

From 1 June, TIM customers will be able to test the broadband connection offering up to 1000 MB per second in download and 100 MB in upload free of charge.

It is the fastest connection over fiber to date, which is made available to TIM customers thanks to live testing which will last for 6 months. Those who participate in the initiative, reserved for 3,000 customers, will receive a new generation modem to enable the provision of the 1000 MB service.

The fiber 1000 project aims to provide the city of Milan with the most advanced network solutions for broadband. Milan city is part of TIM’s national plan of FTTH technology cabling which envisages reaching over 3.5 million homes by 2018.

TIM already provides connections of up to 100 MB in 1,136 municipalities in Italy.

Roberto Opilio, head of Technology at TIM, said: “Milan and Perugia are the first cities that can test this technology and represent the start of a path of excellence that will see us as leaders throughout Italy. Milan was the first city where TIM launched the 300 MB offer.”

TIM said its new technological primacy is the result of strong investments in broadband amounting to over 4.5 billion euros during 2016-2018. TIM aims to reach 84 percent of homes with fiber optics – of which 20 percent also in FTTH technology – and to have 98 percent mobile broadband coverage by the end of 2018.


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