Time Warner Cable adds new Wi-Fi network with enhanced security for broadband users

Time Warner Cable today announced its new national Wi-Fi network with enhanced security for its broadband users.

Time Warner Cable said it utilizes encryption technology for both TWC’s public Wi-Fi network and in-home TWC Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, TWC said HotSpot 2.0 technology will be available on most of the access points across its network. With this, TWC will become the largest Passpoint-enabled network in the country.

Broadband User

TWCWi-Fi-Passpoint network option is available on TWC’s 33,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Southern California, New York City, Austin, Charlotte, Kansas City, Myrtle Beach and Hawaii. Most Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets, and smartphones can utilize this security benefit.

“Our goal with TWCWi-Fi-Passpoint is to assure even our most security conscious Internet customer that it’s as safe for them to surf the Web on-the-go as it is for them to surf in their home,” said Rob Cerbone, VP Wireless Products for Time Warner Cable.

Hotspot 2.0 technology ultimately will allow for seamless roaming between Wi-Fi networks similar to the way cellular phone users roam cellular networks. This technology is now available on many of the most popular recent mobile devices, such as iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy 4, and HTC One.

As TWC continues to build out its Wi-Fi network, all new hotspots will offer the TWCWi-Fi-Passpoint network option.

picture source: telegraph.co

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