UAE’s NCC deploys Zebra Technology solution

UAE’s National Catering Company (NCC) has deployed Zebra Technologies Corporation’s T5 Power Broadband solution to connect 234 residential caravans in the remote desert area of Al-Ruwais near Abu Dhabi.

The residents can improve their experience of uninterrupted connectivity for all their mobile devices with the high speed Wi-Fi offered by the new system using NCC’s current telephone wiring for fast, easy and cost effective upgrades.

Company said NCC previous wireless network was unreliable and provided limited or no connectivity to some of the caravans which required residents to find random points to access the network.

Meanwhile, the new wireless system enables residents to use uninterrupted high speed connectivity as well as provide the flexibility to meet future customer demand.


Also the new technology is cost effective and provides wireless access to residents over existing telephone lines.

The T5 Power Broadband system was integrated with the wireless networks used by Zebra’s self-scanning solution in the village’s retail outlets.

To deliver high speed coverage in the caravan existing wall jacks plates were replaced with TW 511 wall plate access points, company officials said.

NCC can also monitor network performance, identify issues and address problems before they impact service quality.

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“The T5 Power Broadband system is a cost-effective solution that allows us to offer the world-class Wi-Fi services our customers expect. The system is easy to maintain and provides us with the scalability we require to extend our network at any time,” said Mohamed Abou El Kasem, IT operations manager, Business DNA (NCC IT Division).

Last month, Zebra Technologies provided wireless solutions throughout the USL di Reggio Emilia hospital which allowed hospital to access patients’ medical records securely and in real time via mobile computers.

In January, New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and its Wi-Fi service partner Transit Wireless used the wireless local area network of Zebra Technologies Corporation to provide connectivity to commuters on the New York City subway system.

Shilpa Khatri

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