Upstream powers Vodacom to offer free internet to users

Vodacom, a mobile operator in South Africa, has offered free internet essentials to more than 25 million mobile phone users.
Vodacom Tanzania network
The free internet service from Vodacom was powered by Upstream’s Zero-D connectivity platform. The largest telecom operator has seen a massive uptake with 55 percent of its phone subscriber base already engaging with the portal branded Vodacom Flex.

Users are averaging sessions of nearly six minutes as they use the free digital content available in the platform.

Vodacom subscribers that have run out of data are automatically redirected to the Zero-D portal, where can have access to essential internet services. These currently include web search, local and international news as well as weather reports.

The portal also gives subscribers the option of digitally topping up their service for increased airtime or data.

“Millions of people cannot do topping up when they run out of credit. Vodacom has taken a leading step to address that shortfall in South Africa with its Vodacom Flex service,” said Kostas Kastanis, head of Zero-D at Upstream.

Zero-D, an ad-funded free mobile internet platform, gives users the fallback option of a zero-rated web environment when they run out of credit.

Upstream assisted Vodacom to increase their mobile customer satisfaction and reduce churn in competitive markets.