Virgin Media boosts WiFi guarantee to 30Mbps in every room or £100 credit back

In a significant move to improve customer satisfaction and connectivity, Virgin Media O2 announced that it is upgrading its WiFi guarantee, offering its customers a minimum download speed of 30Mbps in every room of their homes or a £100 credit back. This upgrade comes into effect immediately, starting from Friday, 21st July.
Virgin Media MVNO modelThe previous WiFi guarantee by Virgin Media promised minimum download speeds of 20Mbps. The company has now enhanced its offering, providing an impressive boost to 30Mbps in every room, making it the fastest WiFi guarantee of any major broadband provider in the UK.

The upgraded WiFi guarantee is automatically included at no additional cost for customers who subscribe to Gig 1 broadband and Volt bundles. For customers on M50 to M500 Fibre packages (without Volt), the guarantee can be added for a nominal fee of £8 per month.

An essential aspect of the upgraded guarantee is that existing customers need not take any action or reboot their Hub to enjoy the increased minimum speed. The improved WiFi guarantee is available to both new and existing customers without any hassle.

Should customers experience download speeds below the guaranteed 30Mbps, they have the option to request up to three WiFi Pods at no extra cost to enhance connectivity around their homes. In the rare case that the guaranteed speed is still not achieved, Virgin Media will offer £100 credit on the next billing cycle.

Gareth Lister, Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media O2, expressed the company’s commitment to providing the best experience for their customers. “We’ve upgraded our speed promise at no extra cost so our customers can continue to enjoy the UK’s fastest WiFi guarantee,”

Virgin Media’s market-leading WiFi guarantee not only covers the entire home, including the hardest-to-reach areas, but it is also supported by signal-boosting mesh WiFi Pods, provided free of charge if needed. Additionally, customers benefit from Virgin Media’s Intelligent WiFi service, ensuring complete confidence in their connectivity at all times.

This move by Virgin Media O2 is expected to set a new standard for broadband providers in the UK, as they continue to prioritize their customers’ needs and enhance the overall internet experience in households across the country.