What are the worst Internet habits of 100 Indians surveyed?

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33 percent of Indians hate excessive selfie takers, against the regional average of 21 percent in some of the countries in Asia, according to a survey by Telenor on Internet habits.

The study is based on a survey of 401 people across India (100), Malaysia (100), Thailand (101), and Singapore (100) conducted by Penn Schoen Berland in Singapore.

Two-thirds of respondents admitting to excessively posting selfies on the net were female, whereas the majority of respondents engaging in Facebook voyeurism are male. Indian respondents rated selfie-taking activity much higher in the annoyance stakes than the other three nations – 33 percent annoyance in India, against 21 percent regional average.

94 percent of the Indians say that Internet has improved their lives – the highest percentage among the surveyed nations.

“I think that Indian people are aware of their online behavior and want to make sure that the net remains an inclusive and regulated domain,” says Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Telenor India.

Net profanity is not a big concern for Indian online citizens at a low 4 percent of annoyance, versus a large 43 percent in Thailand and 39 percent in Malaysia.

Females spend more time online than men with 21 percent of online two hours per day for personal reasons – equating to 730 hours per year. Men access the Internet more regularly than females with 89 percent accessing it many times a day outside of work purposes.

28 percent of Indians say that sympathy-seeking posts on Facebook are irritating contrasted with the regional average of 14 percent. India was the only surveyed country to list this in their top five most annoying online habits.
Indians admitted to being most guilty of Facebook voyeurism (looking but not posting).

Sending e-Cards at 23 percent had a high ranking for Indians against the regional average of 13 percent. 14 percent Indians also said that they indulged in posting food pictures and sending online game invites.

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