WhatsApp Announces Major Upgrades to Enhance Calling Experience

WhatsApp, the messaging platform from Meta, is rolling out several new features over the next few weeks aimed at enhancing the calling experience across devices.
WhatsApp Calling Updates
Since the launch of Calling to WhatsApp in 2015, the platform has expanded its features, incorporating group calls, video calls, and multi-platform support to meet demands from customers. But WhatsApp does not bring significant revenue to Meta Platforms.

One of the standout updates announced today is screen sharing with audio, a feature that is ideal for activities like watching videos together. This update allows users to share both their screen and audio simultaneously, improving the overall experience of shared viewing.

Additionally, WhatsApp is expanding the number of participants allowed in a video call. Up to 32 people can now join a video call, significantly increasing from the previous limit and making WhatsApp a more robust option for larger group communications.

Another important feature announced today is the Speaker Spotlight, which makes it easier to follow conversations in larger groups. The speaker is automatically highlighted and appears first on the screen, allowing participants to easily identify who is speaking, WhatsApp said.

WhatsApp continues to prioritize audio and video quality to ensure clear calls regardless of the user’s location. A recent enhancement includes the launch of the MLow codec, which improves call reliability and overall audio quality. This codec is particularly beneficial for mobile devices, offering improved noise and echo cancellation to facilitate clearer calls in noisy environments.

Furthermore, video calls will now boast higher resolution for users with faster internet connections, and overall audio quality has been enhanced even for those with poor network connectivity or older devices.

These updates underscore WhatsApp’s commitment to continually improving its communication tools, making it easier and more effective for users to stay connected, whether for personal or professional purposes.


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