Why is it crucial to have a VPN in the UK?

Moving away from your hometown is indeed a nerve-wracking experience. But hey, what about your data, internet, and digital rentals? Don’t they have the same experience too?
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Let’s simplify this. If you are in the UK and want to surf Indian content, set a meeting with a Canadian client, or just enjoy browsing sites, you can face issues in executing the same.

The UK government recently presented the Investigatory Powers Act, which grants government-owned agencies the right to monitor and disclose any sensitive information on their citizens.

And this is where VPNs can save your day. They are crucial for your data survival. Whether you choose high-end VPNs like UrbanVPN or the best in the market, a good VPN is all you need to secure your data, Netflix, and chill.

Reasons Why You Need A VPN In The UK

As per Statista, 41 percent of people from the United States and the United Kingdom use a virtual private network (VPN) at least once a week.

This shows that VPNs are not occasionally used in the UK. Instead, they’re integrated into normal Internet browsing activities.

So, here are the top reasons why you need a VPN in the UK.

To Safeguard Your Identity

VPNs use robust encryption technology, from open VPN to public key VPN, you name it.

IT pro suggests that cyber-attacks in the UK have increased in the year 2020. No wonder it’s why it’s crucial to safeguard your identity in the UK.

VPN encryption protects the integrity of your data and privacy. The reason VPN conceals and protects all your data is for your convenience and confidentiality.

It re-routes your traffic and disables any anonymous third party to follow the destination of your traffic. With (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard, a data protection technique to secure classified files in the UK, these VPNs safeguard all your private logins, browser destination, and IP address.

A top-rated VPN acts like a privacy scanner that provides a complete view of who is spying on you— the government, the hackers, or anonymous identity.

Stream Geo-restricted Content

You need a VPN in the UK to access geo-restricted content due to the enforced government laws.

The first thing you will notice about the right VPN connection is that you can access various geo-blocked content and websites worldwide. Today’s consumers have different and broader tastes when it comes to streaming content.

So if you ever wished you could access Netflix Canada while in the UK? A good VPN is all you need. There’s no way around it since you have the freedom to stream on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others.

Thanks to VPN services, you can fake your current location, travel to the UK, and still watch native shows.

Bypass Internet Throttling

UK government and law enforcement agencies are putting users under stress by constant surveillance and monitoring. That said, sometimes you will notice a sudden change in your Internet speed. Whether you know why or not, this act is purposefully done by either your ISPs or any other high authority power.

This process is called Internet throttling, checking on your internet activity on purpose. With the help of torrent VPNs or any other top-quality VPN, you can protect your internet speed and traffic from any anonymous identity on Internet, even the government.

Yes, that’s true.

You can stop the throttling and speed up your connection speeds with a good VPN. You must be wondering about the reason behind internet throttling.

Well, government and ISP providers in the UK both are powerful authorities when it comes to your Internet connection. Ideally, they just want to slow your connection down and reduce your data usage.

Without any doubt, VPN encryption helps you build protection walls. They encrypt all your data and route your traffic through a safe tunnel so that no one can keep an eye on your browser, privacy, or traffic.

Eliminate Online Tracking

An article in Entrepreneur quotes that, “Nearly three-quarters of business decision-makers (71 percent) believe that the shift to 100 percent remote working during the Covid-19 crisis has increased the likelihood of a cyber breach.”

Now that’s a rough count for companies that have high-security, firewalls, etc. but ever thought about your data breach? Consumers have been hearing terrible tales of ISP online tracking and hackers over the last few years.

A virtual private connection can be your savior. While the UK government does enjoy the liberty to monitor your activities and logins, but a Vpn can be an antidote to third parties who try to breach your private data.

The IP addresses are not your actual IP address; it’s your VPN IP address. Any third party won’t be able to figure out this, and hence your details and logins remain in safe hands forever.


It isn’t that complicated to understand that a VPN connection in the UK can fix all your issues.

The more complicated part is its execution. Even mobile coverage and fixed broadband availability across the UK are always under some kind of threat.

Now is the time to start using a VPN connection and protect yourself and your identity in the UK.

Try it and see for yourself.

Baburajan K