ZTE completes the first phase of broadband project with TIM Brasil in Sao Paulo

Telecom Lead Brazil: ZTE has completed the first phase of a broadband project with TIM Brasil in Sao Paulo.

The Chinese telecom equipment maker said it completed construction of a multi-service access network (MSAN) for the operator, a part of Telecom Italia.

ZTE won 60 percent share in the first phase of TIM Brasil’s broadband project to provide its FTTx solutions including a MSAN. ZTE’s MSAN integrated access system can transmit voice and high speed data over both fiber and copper lines.

ZTE claims that it holds more than 43 percent of MSAN market share in China, the largest market for integrated access construction in the world.

Moreover, it supports interfaces such as VDSL, PTP and GPON, enabling operators to converge their existing networks and deliver high speed Internet services to customers. ZTE’s MSAN products deployment for the ultra broadband project marks TIM Brasil’s entry into the fixed-line residence broadband market.

TIM Brasil, the second largest mobile network operator in Brazil, provides services throughout the country, reaching 69 million users. TIM Brasil’s subsidiary called TIM Fiber aims to build advanced broadband network in Latin America, enabling TIM Brasil to offer fixed broadband services to its customers in addition to its mobile services.

“We are very pleased with the rapid deployment of the network,” said TIM Fiber Marketing Director Flavio Lang. “ZTE’s support in implementing the fixed broadband network has been beneficial to our business.”

“ZTE has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of fixed-line access. Our MSAN products support full-service access and enable a smooth evolution to future all-optical networks,” said ZTE Vice President Jiang Xiangyang. “We are confident that the ZTE solution will facilitate TIM Brasil taking the lead in the Brazilian broadband market.”

ZTE deployed more than 98 million lines of MSAN equipment globally in the second quarter of 2012, totaling more than 27.9 per cent of the global MSAN market. The company has partnered with 46 operators in 34 countries including: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Russia and Venezuela.

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