Airtel Digital TV simplifies channel selection

Airtel Digital TV announced that it has simplified the channel selection for its television customers.
Airtel digital TV channels
First, Airtel Digital TV earlier announced the a-la-carte pricing of the channels on its website enabling customers to switch their plans on Airtel website or the My Airtel App or by calling the customer care team.

Second, Airtel today said it is enabling its customers to opt for their channels with a QR code scan on their television screen  with an aim to make this transition more convenient and seamless for its customers.

The new announcement comes in the wake of the new TRAI pricing regime for TV coming into effect starting February 1, 2019.

Customers can make their own plans or select from a range of recommended plans as per the new TRAI guidelines on channel number 998 on Airtel digital TV.

Customers can view the complete list of channels along with its a-la carte price as well as the broadcaster packs. They can also opt for the Airtel value plans which have been specially designed for customers based on their current channel selection or current monthly recharge value.

Customers have to scan the QR code and send it to 54325 and the pack will automatically get activated starting February 1.

Customers have to use their smartphone camera in order to scan the code. In case their phone camera does not support QR scanner, customers can download any free QR scanner app from the Playstore or Apple store and get started.

A demonstration video of how to select the channels and plans is also available on channel no 999. Customers can also log on to or My Airtel App to select the channels or pack.