American cable operator taps Sandvine to deploy traffic optimization solution

North American cable operator has selected broadband network solution vendor Sandvine to deploy business intelligence and traffic optimization solutions.

This is a repeat order and the size of the contract is more than $5 million.

Sandvine did not disclose the name of the North American cable operator, which is a client of Sandvine since 2003.


Sandvine in a statement said it has been selling network policy control solutions to the cable market since 2003. While the company’s markets have expanded to include communications service providers that offer Internet access through wireless and DSL technologies, Sandvine has maintained its market share lead in cable.

Sandvine’s solutions are used by 7 of the top 10 cable MSOs in North America (including the largest cable operator in the world), representing 74 percent of the region’s cable subscribers.

The company’s network analytics product was a key component in enhancing the North American cable market’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by video applications like Netflix and Hulu.

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