BizWireTV launches apps for mobile and OTT platforms

bizwireTVBusiness Wire’s video-news show has announced a series of apps available with leading mobile and over-the-top platform like AppleTV, iPhone and all Android operating system devices.
“We created BizWireTV to provide an innovative amplification platform for Business Wire’s top trending news stories. Whether at work on their computers, on-the-go via mobile devices or now, at home on Apple TV-enabled televisions, BizWireTV is available for viewers to find and view our content on any screen they choose,” said Cathy Baron Tamraz, CEO, Business Wire.
BizWireTV and BizWireTV Accelerator Report were launched late last year by Business Wire and Al Roker Entertainment, with focus on the trending and market-relevant news releases published at the patented distribution network of Business Wire.
The website has hit over 4 million video views till date and has crossed 1 million views on social channels.
BizWireTV is trending hence with a large audience, which the company claims is growing with every new episode. The show has also led to conversations and discussions, with over 20,000 social media tags spanning over 12 million followers.
Also, alongside viewers tuning in to, the show can also be accessed from respective news release accompanying its episode release.
The releases of the website are followed by industry leading journalists and other media professionals, with views over 400,000 times.
This expansion is intended to offer more opportunities to viewers to watch the show and attract additional viewers looking for stories on disruptive startups and technologies, entrepreneurs in the startup community, funding announcements, hot business trends and companies to watch.
In collaboration with Frankly, Business Wire is designing an easy to use app that claims to be engaging and accessible on all the top platforms, with usability and the end result being the USP that claims to be above user expectations.
The BizWireTV Apps can be downloaded through the Apple TV and iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android devices.
BizWireTV, launched as a bi-weekly web video news show, was released in October last year.
Vina Krishnan