Broadcom chip powers Korea Telecom’s 4K in-home IPTV service

Broadcom said that its high-definition (HD) system-on-chip (SoC) technology enabled Korea Telecom to launch 4K in-home IPTV media service.

Olleh GiGA UHD (4K) set-top box (STB) used by Korea Telecom delivers fluid 60 frame-per-second (fps) video with vivid 10-bit color at 4X the resolution conventional HD displays.

Korea Telecom’s Olleh GiGA UHD(4K) service allows subscribers to search for programs via voice commands and watch four different channels simultaneously.

Consumers can check for live statistics during sporting event broadcasts and view content in multiple languages.

IPTV user

Korea Telecom plans to launch a variety of programming options, offering more than 500 Ultra HD program choices by the end of this year.

Broadcom’s HEVC-enabled devices enable operators to reduce the bandwidth required for Ultra HD or HD content transmission over IP, cable or satellite networks, and deliver these services to more locations throughout the home.

“The launch of our GiGA UHD (4K) STB and IPTV service provides consumers with an exciting new home entertainment experience while contributing to the broader proliferation of Ultra HD content production and delivery,” said B.K.Jeon, Korea Telecom Media business Department Vice President.

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