Cable operators may lose 10% subscribers to DTH: CSG Systems survey

Telecom Lead India: Cable operators are expecting a 10 percent loss of their subscriber base to Direct-To-Home (DTH) suppliers.

Once the supply chain is stabilized, cable operators are hopeful that Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) will increase by up to 30 percent.

MSOs (Multi-Systems Operators) are aware they need to acquire the skills to not only deliver the services but to develop a greater appreciation of their customers with more sophisticated marketing and quality customer service.

95 percent of cable end-consumers were supportive of digitization, however just 30 percent expected to have to pay more, according to a survey by CSG Systems International and Tonse Telecom.

The average number of channels available to digital cable subscribers is approximately 300 with almost all respondents indicating they watched less than 12 channels on a regular basis.

Only 7 percent of the total survey sample believed the digital experience will not be superior to analog.

“The region is in the midst of change that is both challenging and extremely exciting. CSG has enabled North American leading multi-channel video providers like Comcast, DISH Network and Time Warner Cable to transform their offerings both through technology and customer experience solutions,” said Dwayne Ruffin, CSG International’s Senior Vice President of Market Development.

“Nation-wide digitization deadline of December 2014 is a task. Every stakeholder is important and there must be respect for each other. If tariff and infrastructure issues and logistics can be resolved and the cable industry can follow and build a Telecom infrastructure; then I believe nation-wide digitization is possible,” said Roop Sharma, president of the Cable Operators Federation of India.

“With primary customer contact now in the hands of MSOs, it will be imperative that customer satisfaction is upheld in order to avoid subscriber losses to the DTH players. Technology has a large role to play here and can be the difference between losing, retaining or growing subscribers and importantly revenues,” Ruffin added.

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