DEN Networks taps Wipro to better customer experience

Indian cable and broadband service provider DEN Networks has tapped Wipro to better customer experience.

This will be a 10-year contract, said Wipro in a statement on Monday. The deal is aimed at enabling DEN Networks to ensure continuous engagement and zero downtime for its customers, local cable operators (LCOs) and partners.

Wipro said the initiative will help DEN Networks to streamline the deployment of its next generation services and provide quicker service activation, accurate rating and billing, and excellent customer service.


The IT deal will assist DEN Networks to offer SMS and BSS solutions that will allow cable operators to deliver more personalized services to cable and broadband subscribers.

G Azhar, COO, DEN Networks, said, “This initiative will help us connect better with our customers, and meet operators’ demand for quicker and accurate dissemination of a variety of services, driving increased loyalty, adoption and efficiency. We are looking at automating our backend processes as a part of this deal, to provide a seamless subscriber experience and build customer loyalty.”

TelecomLead News Team