DISH Network revenue, net income drop

DISHDISH Network has posted Q2 revenue of $3.64 billion compared to $3.86 billion and net income of $40 million against net income of $424 million.

DISH’s net income for the second quarter was negatively impacted by litigation expenses, net of related taxes, of $280 million.

DISH activated 444,000 gross new Pay-TV subscribers, compared to approximately 527,000 gross new Pay-TV subscribers in the prior year’s second quarter. Net Pay-TV subscribers declined approximately 196,000 in the second quarter, compared to a decline of 281,000 in the second quarter 2016.

The company closed the second quarter with 13.332 million Pay-TV subscribers, compared to 13.593 million Pay-TV subscribers at the end of second quarter 2016.

Pay-TV ARPU for the second quarter totaled $87.25, compared to the year-ago period’s Pay-TV ARPU of $89.98. Pay-TV subscriber churn rate was 1.59 percent versus 1.96 percent for second quarter 2016.