Dish TV to deploy technology to offer accurate data on TV viewing

Dish TV DTH customers
Indian DTH operator Dish TV is in the final stages of deploying return path data technology in its hybrid Set Top Boxes (STB) enabling the analysis of real time and accurate data on viewing patterns of the TV customers.

Till date, Dish TV has deployed around 3 million hybrid Set Top Boxes in the Indian DTH market.

“Upon implementation of the return path data technology, Dish TV would be able to gather real time and accurate data on viewing patterns of the customer, across all the regions of the country,” Dish TV said.

Dish TV will use the data collected through this innovative technology to understand TV consumption patterns on its platform.

BARC data is the measurement matrix for acquiring channel’s for the DTH platform. The data will bring the clear picture about the real choice of the customers in various regions of the country.

Dish TV will supply this data to marketing agencies and large corporate houses enabling them to judge the customer viewership choice accurately and decide on the advertisement spend on the television channels.