DTS strengthens presence in digital broadcasting market

Telecom Lead Europe: Audio solutions provider DTS is strengthening its presence in digital broadcasting market.

Three global standard committees have now included DTS audio.

Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer at DTS

DTS claims that its audio is now part of the Advanced Television Systems Committee’s (ATSC) updated guidelines for standardized broadcast digital video transmission, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions’ (ATIS) revised standards for IPTV media formats and protocols and European Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Audio Toolbox.

The U.S. and European broadcasters will benefit from DTS’ audio delivery solutions.

“With increased flexibility, viewers demand premium-quality audio to enrich their overall entertainment experience. The integration of DTS audio into evolving broadcast standards demonstrates the industry’s response to consumers’ demands for quality content and acknowledges the unparalleled entertainment experience afforded by our advanced audio solutions,” said Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer at DTS.

Consumers will benefit as the new ATSC and ATIS guidelines provide more control when viewing television programming on fixed-location and mobile devices.

Moreover, through ATSC’s new standard, broadcasters can transmit file-based content with DTS audio in non-real-time (NRT), making it readily available at any time via streaming delivery or download.

Meanwhile, DTS has tied up Bouygues Telecom to provide audio solutions for the telecos’ video on demand service.

“With DTS’ advanced surround sound solutions, we are able to pack our Bbox Sensation system with the capabilities of delivering a robust audio experience to our customers without any detrimental effect on bandwidth performance,” said Franck Abihssira, VP – Broadband Access, Contents and Services, at Bouygues Telecom.

According to Nielsen, while television ratings declined, the number of people who viewed an online video increased 84 percent over last year.

In June 2012, Bouygues Telecom launched the Bbox Sensation, a system that combines ultra-fast broadband connectivity with a 3D and HD-capable DVR set-top box.

“On-demand viewing has become a huge part of the consumer’s entertainment experience. We remain committed to partnering with companies that recognize and adapt to trends, and providing consumers with an immersive entertainment experience,” said Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer of DTS.

Bouygues Telecom has 10.9 million mobile and 1.4 million fixed broadband customers, which include more than 1.5 million professional & corporate clients.

Bouygues Telecom’s mobile network covers 99 percent of the French population, 95 percent with 3G+ up to 3.6 Mbit/s and up to 42 Mbit/s in large towns and cities.

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