Eutelsat launches satellite-based IoT connectivity service

Eutelsat Communications announced the launch of a satellite-based IoT connectivity service – on the eve of the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.
Eutelsat for broadband servicesEutelsat IoT FIRST is an integrated IoT connectivity service operating in Ku-band via Eutelsat’s geostationary satellites. The proposed price will be on a par with cellular-based IoT connectivity services.

Luis Jimenez-Tunon, group executive vice president Data Business of Eutelsat, said the company will be targeting satellite service providers, telecom operators and IoT service providers. Eutelsat IoT FIRST integrates satellite terminals, space and ground segments, packaged within an API-based service delivery framework.

Eutelsat aims to address connectivity challenges of industries spanning across retail, banking and security, through to energy, mining and agriculture, which seek a cost-effective and reliable IoT solution to connect their fixed assets.

Eutelsat IoT FIRST acts as an IoT backhaul service, enabling telecom operators to connect IoT base stations and gateways to their core network.

The ground infrastructure designed to serve Eutelsat IoT FIRST consists of a network of IoT-specific hubs hosted at teleports across the globe. These hubs are monitored and controlled 24/7 by Eutelsat’s service delivery team from Turin, Italy.