Eutelsat signs multiple-launch service deal with Arianespace

Eutelsat Communications has signed a multiple-launch service deal with Arianespace on the occasion of the World Satellite Business Week in Paris.
Eutelsat and Arianespace
The agreement covers five launches until 2027 and will provide Eutelsat with assured access to space with schedule flexibility at cost effective prices.

Eutelsat has become the first customer to sign up to Ariane 6, Arianespace’s next-generation launch vehicle, expected to start service from 2020.

Under the earlier agreements, three future Eutelsat satellites, Eutelsat 7C, Eutelsat QUANTUM and KONNECT, are already scheduled for launch on Ariane 5.

“We are the first operator to commit to Ariane 6. This European programme will enhance our ability to gain access to space in a timely, competitive and reliable manner,” said Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of Eutelsat Communications.

“The selection shows Arianespace’s ability to offer our customers long-term partnerships and increasingly flexible solutions,” Stephane Israel, CEO of Arianespace, said.