Hansen signs billing deal with Hinduja for NXT DIGITAL

Hansen Technologies announced its billing solution deal with Hinduja Group for NXT DIGITAL, its Headend-In-The-Sky (HITS) platform in India.

More than 110 million TV homes will make the transition from analogue to digital over the next seventeen months in India. Hinduja Group is investing nearly $100 million in the Indian broadcasting project.

“With a potential target market of more than 100 million subscribers, we needed the leverage of a globally recognized firm with the expertise to move us forward,” said Tony D’Silva, managing director of Grant Investrade.
Tony D’Silva, managing director of Grant Investrade
With cable network operations spread over a vast geographical reach, the HITS system aggregates Pay-TV channels at a centralized location and then uplinks them to the HITS satellite. The signal is received by local MSOs and LMOs who license NXT DIGITAL integrated premise equipment for onward distribution to their subscribers.

Andrew Hansen, CEO of Hansen Technologies, said: “The HITS business hierarchy requirements are highly complex; our Pay-TV solution enables NXT DIGITAL to provide Multi-System Operators (MSOs) and Last Mile Owners (LMOs) a scalable solution from a single deployment.”

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