Harris to launch Versio combining baseband video, channel branding and graphics for on-air TV channels


Telecom Lead America: Harris Corp is planning to launch Versio combining baseband video, channel branding and graphics targeting on-air TV channels and services.

The new all-in-one solution will help customers rapidly launch, expand and sustain their on-air TV channels and services.

Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications

While strengthening revenue growth and protection, the Harris Versio will alter the course of channel-in-a-box design for broadcasters. Channel-in-a-box solutions to date are built around the comfort zones of each vendor.

Harris Versio combines baseband video, channel branding and graphics, and automated workflow capabilities in a software-based, single-rack-unit solution.

Harris Corp claims that Versio significantly reduces the cost and time to launch broadcast, cable and other TV channels and services while offering simple integration with production, traffic and billing, scheduling, asset management, content playout and master control functions.

“The Harris difference is that we have the broadest industry experience when it comes to workflows and operational scenarios. We understand the core costs and investment it takes to deliver channels with reliability and at premium quality. This knowledge and expertise allows us to evolve the channel-in-a-box concept beyond current offerings and bring a more relevant solution to market,” said Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications.

Harris also will show the following new products at IBC 2012:

The Harris Invenio Motion media asset management workflow module integrates multiple functions to track, manage and execute broadcast and media workflow activities, and offers the unique capability to quantify the value of how every task correlates across the workflow.

The Harris Selenio Networking Module, which maximizes flexibility for customers transmitting live or recorded content between locations by offering direct connection to six global telecom interfaces — eliminating external bridge devices.

Radio broadcast transmission systems, including a complete DAB digital radio solution featuring the new Platinum VAX Compact Class transmitter range; and DAB over IP technology for centrally distributing program audio to many transmitters.

Recently, Harris won a $75 million contract – with an initial delivery order of $8 million – for its Falcon III AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack radios from the U.S. Air Force. Harris received the contract and order in the third quarter of fiscal year 2012.

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