Hispasat selects Gilat to provide broadband services in Mexico

Gilat VSAT
Gilat Satellite Networks announced its satellite deal with Hispasat to provide broadband services in Mexico.

Hispasat will be enhancing Hispasat’s Ka HTS capacity of the Amazonas-5 Satellite to launch new Internet services. According to estimates, tens of thousands of Gilat’s VSATs will be deployed over the next few years, as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ramp up their service. Ron Levin is the VP Global Accounts at Gilat.

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Hispasat has selected Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c multi-service platform, which utilizes satellite resources delivering cost efficient bandwidth, to commercialize the full capacity of Hispasat’s Amazonas-5 Ka beams over Mexico.

Hispasat and its customers will receive services such as broadband Internet services, WiFi connectivity in semi-urban and rural locations, and mobility applications to government and private sector clients.

“We will deploy Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c platform to maximize the benefits of our multi-beam Ka satellite, Amazonas-5,” said Ignacio Sanchis, chief commercial officer at Hispasat.