IBC 2014: Cisco transforms multiscreen video delivery with new V2P

At IBC 2014, Cisco announced enhancements to its Videoscape Virtualized Video Processing (V2P) solution enabling pay-TV operators and media companies to scale their video processing workflows to deliver dozens of forms of video required for multiscreen TV.

Available today, V2P is built on the Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP) strategy, which virtualizes and orchestrates multiple areas of business for media companies and service provider, Cisco said.

Cisco launched V2P in April. The latest announcement extends the number of video functions virtualized and orchestrated, including capture, advertising, security, packaging, playout and content delivery, as well as encoding.

Cisco lost three points in telecom service provider router market share in 2013With new features, Videoscape V2P allows pay-TV operators and media companies to virtualize and orchestrate all functions required to produce and deliver multiscreen video. This will simplify overall operations by consolidating all their separate production lines into a single pool of hardware and software.

The technology then “orchestrates” the common pool of hardware and software to deliver each individual form of video required for each screen.

The solution will also help create new workflow to deliver video in a new format or to a different device is as simple as selecting options in V2P’s orchestration interface.

Cisco’s Evolved Services Platform and V2P are open frameworks, built on ETSI standards, and promote multi-vendor solutions. V2P can orchestrate workflows consisting of both Cisco and third-party components.

Cisco is both deploying and trialing its new V2P services worldwide with six customers, including media companies, and satellite and payTV operators, the company said.

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