Intelsat inks satellite deal with Myanmar government

Intelsat for telecoms
Satellite communications company Intelsat announced its transponder deal with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) of Myanmar to accelerate the deployment of wireless infrastructure in Myanmar.

Intelsat said the MOTC will utilize services on Intelsat 39, a Ku-and-C-band satellite which is scheduled to replace Intelsat 902 at 62° East in 2019.

Intelsat 39 will host both C- and Ku-band satellite services for Myanmarsat-2 enabling the Myanmar Government to enhance its existing network as well as the networks of other mobile operators’ and media companies.

The multi-transponder agreement is aimed at expanding high-speed broadband and internet connectivity to government agencies, businesses and communities in Myanmar. In addition, it will also support MOTC’s goal of expanding broadband connectivity coverage to 95 percent of its population by 2022.

U Chit Wai, permanent secretary of MOTC, said, “Our partnership with Intelsat ensures that businesses will have access to high-quality broadband connectivity to support expansion of the media, energy and banking sectors.”

Engineers at MOTC will be integrating satellite solutions into its own mobile networks to increase the network bandwidth and speed of 3G and 4G services into more remote areas of Myanmar.

The satellite will also provide critical e-banking services as well as distribute informative and entertaining content to viewers throughout Myanmar.

Stephen Spengler, chief executive officer of Intelsat, said: “By integrating Intelsat’s satellite solutions into existing networks, we can build a resilient communications infrastructure that reaches everyone.”


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