NASA selects private satellite operators for space projects

NASA announced the selection of six satellite communications (SATCOM) providers to start developing and near-Earth space communication services that may support agency missions in future.
NASA satellite
The combined value of the agency’s Communications Services Project (CSP) funded agreements is $278.5 million, NASA said in a statement.

The funded companies are Inmarsat Government ($28.6 million), Kuiper Government Solutions ($67 million), SES Government Solutions ($28.96 million), SpaceX ($69.95 million), Telesat US Services ($30.65 million), and Viasat ($53.3 million).

Each company will complete technology development and in-space demonstrations by 2025 to prove their proposed solution will deliver cost-effective mission-oriented operations, including the ability for new high-rate and high-capacity two-way communications.

NASA expects each company to match or exceed agency contributions during the five-year development and demonstration period, totaling more than $1.5 billion of cost-share investment.

“We are following the agency’s proven approach developed through commercial cargo and commercial crew services. By using funded Space Act Agreements, we’re able to stimulate industry to demonstrate end-to-end capability leading to operational service,” said Eli Naffah, CSP project manager at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, in a statement.

Each company has proposed a technical approach to lower costs, increase flexibility, and improve performance for a broad range of missions.

The agreements create opportunities to develop innovative solutions that could potentially meet NASA’s future mission requirements.

NASA said it intends to seek multiple long-term contracts to acquire services for near-Earth operations by 2030, while phasing out NASA owned and operated systems.