NICE Systems deploys Real-Time Analytics at Cablevision Argentina to modernize customer service center of 1,000 agents

Telecom Lead America: NICE Systems is deploying its Real-Time Analytics and Guidance solutions at Cablevision Argentina, a cable TV company, to modernize its customer service center of more than 1,000 agents.

The NICE solution enables Latin America’s largest cable TV company to improve its relationship with customers, increase new net revenue, and promote customer acquisition.

Cablevision, which is offering subscription TV and Internet through a single network to over 3.5 million customers, will increase sales of current products while at the same time enhancing agent productivity and operational efficiency. The suite of solutions includes NICE’s real-time Speech Analytics, Interaction Analytics, Interaction Management, and real-time guidance.

“We are evolving our contact center with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, and reducing operational costs,” said Sebastian Galletti, Customer Care Manager at Cablevisión Argentina. “We expect to achieve a significant return on investment in under 10 months by meeting our goals of a six-percent reduction in average handle time on calls and a seven-percent increase in first-call resolution.”

Cablevision currently has over 3.5 million customers and Fibertel has over 1.3 million customers.

“We are excited to deliver innovative solutions in a market that demands real-time action for real-time challenges,” said Barak Eilam, president of NICE Americas. “This project reinforces NICE’s commitment to creating industry-leading technologies that help companies shape interactions as they happen and impact the Decisive Moment.”

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