SES Networks renews deal with Palau Telecoms

Global satellite communications provider SES Networks announced its deal with Internet service provider Palau Telecoms.

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Palau Telecoms is a customer of SES’s Networks since 2014. As per the new contract with SES Networks, which will be on until 2020, Palau Telecoms will be increasing the amount of medium earth orbit (MEO) connectivity by 150 percent.

Imran Malik is the vice president, Fixed Data, Asia-Pacific at SES Networks.

Palau Telecoms is utilising their existing MEO service to augment fibre capacity, providing internet service to its customers. This infrastructure provides a solid foundation for their 4G implementation plans.

Sam Masang, president of Palau Telecoms, said: “More people can access online services such as ecommerce sites and video calling applications at any time.”