SES Networks signs deals with ALCAN, Isotropic and Viasat

SES Networks Asia
SES Networks announced technology partnerships with ALCAN, Isotropic Systems and Viasat for creating terminal solutions for O3b mPOWER satellite-based communications system.

ALCAN is working to develop a smart antenna that is flat, low power, and has no mechanical moving parts. The antenna has electronic beam steering capability, which is implemented using liquid crystal (LC) panels that can be manufactured at low cost in LC display assembly lines.

Isotropic Systems is developing a low-cost, low power, unlimited bandwidth, optical-based, multi-beam electronically steered terminal that can transmit and receive bandwidth signals in the same modular and scalable aperture.

Viasat is building an electronic dual-beam flat panel antenna system to meet the requirements of the O3b mPOWER next-generation MEO satellite fleet. The Viasat antenna will enable multiple types of user terminals to keep pace with growing broadband connectivity demands.

The company said O3b mPOWER Customer Edge Terminals (CET) will combine innovative steerable antenna technology with functionality spanning modem, networking and edge compute capabilities.

The O3b mPOWER CET will deliver network capability in form factors optimized for market specific cost, performance and power that are quick and simple to install, a key part of the strategy to scale SES Networks’ proven Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) system for mass connectivity.

“O3b mPOWER is designed to provide connectivity through a virtual fibre network for application-aware services on a global scale,” said John-Paul Hemingway, executive vice president of Product, Marketing and Strategy for SES Networks.