SES offers hybrid resiliency platform for telecoms and MNOs

SES hybrid resiliency platformSES announced a new hybrid resiliency platform to serve the needs of telecoms, mobile network operators, enterprises and maritime connectivity providers.

Internet service provider Palau Telecoms is enjoying the performance of the solution supporting business continuity and profitability.

The new solution represents ‘bandwidth-on-demand’ connectivity, with intelligent routing and resiliency. Unique to SES, the multi-orbit approach, which leverages the wide coverage capabilities of Geostationary Earth Orbit satellites and the innovative high throughput capabilities of Medium Earth Orbit satellites, allows virtually 100 percent availability of services.

The fully managed solution is currently available in the Asia-Pacific region, and is provided though a platform equipped to support the most reliable and high performing networks across orbit-diverse connections. The service will be launched across regions.

“Satellite network solutions are ideal to help us meet the growing data demand in Palau and bridge the digital divide, as terrestrial infrastructures have limitations, and in some cases are not possible to roll-out. With an Internet penetration rate of around 30 percent, SES helps us address Palau’s thirst for data and boost the economy,” said Sam Masang, CEO of Palau Telecoms.

SES, under a new business model, aims to deliver differentiated satellite-enabled solutions for fixed data, mobility, and Government. This hybrid resiliency platform represents a fine example of the power of combining the infrastructure, networks and operations available within the SES Networks business unit.

“Our multi-orbit approach allows us to cater to literally all connectivity needs of our telco and enterprise customers, even in the most remote areas with no or limited terrestrial telecom infrastructure,” said Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks.