SES picked up by Pactel to ramp up voice and data service offerings in Pacific region

Telecom Lead America: SES said satellite communications provider Pactel has signed a multi-transponder deal on NSS-9 at 183 degrees East to ramp up its voice and data service offerings in Pacific region.

The additional capacity will enable Pactel to offer enhanced satellite communications services to remote locations in the Pacific region.

Pactel will benefit as the initiative enables businesses to access to fast Internet connectivity and competitively priced voice calls.

“Demand for connectivity in the Pacific region is growing rapidly, and we are pleased that we can rely on the global expertise of SES to provide reliable satellite capacity and offer flexible solutions,” said Andrew Taylor, CEO, Pactel International.

“In the Pacific region, where satellite is the ideal infrastructure, we see how vital connectivity is for businesses. With Pactel as our trusted partner in the region, we are proud to be able to continue supporting their objectives in offering connectivity solutions across the islands,” said Deepak Mathur, senior vice president Commercial, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East at SES.

MORE NEWS: Recently, Pactel signed a capacity expansion deal with SES. Under the new capacity expansion deal, Pactel will utilise multi-transponder capacity on two SES satellites – NSS-9 at 183 degrees East and NSS-6 at 95 degrees East.

Pactel will use the additional capacity to expand its voice and data service offerings within the Pacific region, enabling it to provide remote businesses across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste with access to reliable and affordable connectivity.

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