Swisscom deploys Ericsson Video Storage and Processing Platform


Telecom network vendor Ericsson today announced that Swisscom has deployed its Video Storage and Processing Platform to support time-shifted and cloud DVR features of its TV 2.0 offering.

Live since April 2014, the service has 564,000 subscribers, transforming subscriber retention and satisfaction.

Ericsson’s Media Vision 2020 predicts that by 2020, 50 percent of all content consumed will be on-demand and time-shifted.

“Ericsson’s solution allowed us to leverage the capabilities of the cloud to bring to market a type of service that hadn’t been seen in Switzerland before; one which offers our viewers much more advanced replay and recording features,” said Dirk Wierzbitzki, head of Wireline and TV, Swisscom.

Swisscom offers a TV service that includes 7-day replay on over 250 channels, an archive and the ability for consumers to record any numbers of programs in parallel, while ensuring continuous operations. The Ericsson platform allows Swisscom to deliver its TV 2.0 service across televisions, smart phones, laptops, tablets and PCs.

Ericsson currently powers over 50 percent of the world’s cloud DVR deployments.

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