Targeting cable TV operators, Alcatel-Lucent and Concurrent launch joint video solution

Telecom Lead Europe: Alcatel-Lucent has tied up with Concurrent to launch a joint offering that enables cable TV companies to significantly expand the number and variety of on-demand videos.

Leveraging the new solution, cable operators can offer expanded video offerings to whatever device their customer prefers – from traditional TV set-top boxes to tablets, PCs or smartphones.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix CDN technology and Concurrent’s MediaHawk Unified Origin and TV-VOD Edge Servers supports cable multiple service operators (MSOs) to provide TV Everywhere experience.

The two companies have already completed a successful trial of this joint architecture with a large tier 1 cable MSO.

James Brickmeier, SVP, Strategic Marketing at Concurrent said the joint offering enables cable operators to make content available to customers with traditional set-top boxes, while avoiding additional investments in localized content storage arrays. They can leverage the multiscreen CDN infrastructure they are building already to access regionalized or national content storage archives.

Paul Larbey, vice president and general manager of Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix CDN activities said cable operators can capture a bigger piece of the market by delivering IP video services to any connected device. The combined Alcatel-Lucent and Concurrent offering enable them to leverage their CDNs to expand and scale their video-on-demand offering.

The offering integrates Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix CDN solution and Concurrent’s MediaHawk VX origin and edge streaming solution using standardized interfaces. Alcatel-Lucent and Concurrent have been jointly promoting adoption of an open standards approach to cross-service interconnection by implementing the C2 interface which is part of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions IPTV Interoperability Forum (ATIS IIF).

Recently, Alcatel-Lucent has launched First Responder Video solution. The video solution enables first – response emergency teams to view and share multiple video and data feeds simultaneously on mobile devices. Fire, ambulance and police teams can share critical emergency situation information with operation controllers via video and data streams.

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