Tata Communications drives Viacom18’s video transcoding service

Viacom18, a joint venture between Viacom and Network18 Group, has selected Tata Communications’ cloud-based video transcoding and delivery service.

The new service enables Viacom18 to offer HD content transcoding and delivery via the cloud.

The new service — the world’s first — allows Viacom18 to maximize its return on investments in creative programming and to tackle piracy by enabling simultaneous syndication play-out.

Content creators, service providers and media professionals will benefit as the new service from Tata Communications offers an integrated workflow for moving content files to the cloud and transcoding them into broadcast quality formats ready for delivery and transmission.

Viacom18 is currently using the service for the daily transcoding and delivery of HD Masters of leading Indian soap programs to its customers in Pakistan for same-day syndicated play-out.

Earlier, Viacom18 faced lots of challenges as its customers had to broadcast content from previous soap seasons, leaving a gap where some viewers could only obtain content from unauthorized sources to stay up-to-date with their shows.

“Our shows are now picked up and transcoded to formats as required by our international customers, all delivered in a seamless manner. Authorized content available for simulcast in HD format has resulted in more revenue for us while also discouraging piracy,” said Rajasekharan Harikrishnan, CTO at Viacom18.

Viacom18 submits jobs to the content transformation service by using accelerated connections on Tata Communications’ network, and monitors their status in real-time via a simple browser user interface.

The agreed transcode uses the source file to create a TX-ready variant for Viacom18’s broadcast partners in Pakistan who receive the file over another accelerated connection. Using this workflow, the company is able to insert local advertising breaks and broadcast the content immediately.

“By speeding up monetization of creative content through more efficient production and distribution of digital content globally, we are helping the industry to bridge the gap between broadcast and the Internet,” said Sameer Kanse, business head of Tata Communications’ Media Services.

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