Our Telekom taps SES Networks for 4G launch

SES Networks AsiaSolomon Telekom Company (Our Telekom) has tapped SES Networks to enhance its capacity on the O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite to launch its 4G / LTE network across the Solomon Islands.

Since 2015, Our Telekom has relied on SES Networks for their primary off-island connectivity. The telco company has since upgraded its bandwidth six times by a total of 376 percent to meet fast-growing demand.

“This significant capacity upgrade with SES will be instrumental for our 4G/LTE network roll-out, to provide even faster, dramatically improved connectivity all across the Islands,” said Loyley Ngira, CEO at Our Telekom.

“This capacity expansion will significantly enhance their already robust network and help them to usher in the next phase of connectivity for the Solomon Islands,” said Imran Malik, vice president, Fixed Data, and Asia-Pacific at SES Networks.