Telenor Satellite Broadcasting taps iDirect

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting has tapped new Velocity product as the ground infrastructure solution for its new THOR 7 high throughput satellite (HTS) from iDirect, a global provider of satellite-based IP communications technology.

iDirect technology enables TSBc to deliver a Ka-band HTS payload of up to nine Gbps of throughput across 25 spot beams, providing capacity over the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Mediterranean, Baltic Sea as well as the Middle East.

TSBc will benefit as the iDirect platform will enable seamless spot-beam handover across all beams on the THOR 7 satellite, ensuring continuous mobile connectivity. The platform will set up an integrated capacity pool that can be efficiently distributed and enables the development of service plans for individual terminals as well as for groups across the entire coverage area.


Telenor Satellite Broadcasting aims to leverage the iDirect platform to facilitate inter-network roaming with other Ku and Ka satellite operators, enabling end users to travel outside of their service providers’ networks, while maintaining seamless coverage through a single service provider.

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting expects to launch the THOR 7 satellite in the second half of 2014. THOR 7 will increase capacity for current maritime and energy customers and enable Telenor Satellite Broadcasting to expand its business in the satellite news gathering, aeronautical and governmental markets.

“THOR 7, Ka-band HTS payload is strategically positioned over the main shipping routes and major oil and gas exploration areas in Europe, enabling our maritime and energy customers to grow their businesses and bring much needed capacity into the region,” said Julian Crudge, divisional director – Network and Data Services, Telenor Sattelite Broadcasting.

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