Telespazio Brasil signs SES to improve corporate and government networks

Telecom Lead Brazil: Telespazio Brasil S.A. has signed an agreement with SES to improve corporate and government networks.

As part of the long-term capacity agreement, Telespazio Brasil is using Ku-band capacity aboard the new SES-4 satellite to deliver broadband and voice to companies operating in inland communities.

Its VSAT network, driven by coverage provided by SES-4, was launched this year and will bring significant Ku-band capacity to the Latin American markets.

Marzio Laurenti, CEO of Telespazio Brasil

“SES-4 gave to us opportunities to offer reliable and high quality services for our corporate and government customers throughout Brazil. SES knows Latin America and has built our regional needs into the coverage and capabilities of its growing fleet,” said Marzio Laurenti, CEO of Telespazio Brasil.

Telespazio Brasil has already initiated the delivery of telecom services over the SES-4 satellite to corporate and government customers in Brazil.

“Leading communications service providers like Telespazio Brasil are transforming the market, bringing high-speed broadband and top quality voice offerings to distant locations. As a result, companies and key social agencies are branching out and driving economic prosperity in these communities,” said Dolores Martos, vice president of Latin American and Caribbean Sales for SES.

Recently, Pactel signed a capacity expansion deal with SES. Under the new capacity expansion deal, Pactel will utilize multi-transponder capacity on two SES satellites – NSS-9 at 183 degrees East and NSS-6 at 95 degrees East.

Pactel will use the additional capacity to expand its voice and data service offerings within the Pacific region, enabling it to provide remote businesses across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste
with access to reliable and affordable connectivity.


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