Time Warner Cable 2013 Capex up 3.3% to $3,198 million

Time Warner Cable on Thursday said its Capex (capital spending) grew 3.3 percent to $3,198 million in 2013 from $3,198 million in 2012.

Capex of Time Warner Cable decreased 77 percent to $827 million in Q4 2013 from $904 million in Q4 2012.

In the fourth quarter, the U.S. cable operator added 39,000 net residential Internet subscribers, a turnaround from a weak third quarter when it lost 24,000 subscribers.

The company said residential subscriber activity improved sequentially each month in the quarter and continued to improve in January.

Reuters reported that cable operators in the United States are increasingly depending on Internet customers for growth as they face rising programming costs and continue to lose cable TV subscribers to telecom and satellite companies. The company said it lost 217,000 residential video customers in the quarter.


Time Warner Cable, which ranks second to Comcast in the U.S. cable market, said its fourth quarter revenue rose 1.7 percent to $5.58 billion as its high-speed data subscribers opted for expensive plans. Fourth-quarter 2013 average monthly revenue per residential customer relationship (ARPU) grew 2.2 percent to $106.03, which is the highest rate of growth since the first quarter of 2012. Residential high-speed data ARPU increased 12.4 percent to $46.21.

Its Q4 net income rose 5 percent to $540 million in the fourth quarter from $513 million a year earlier.

Full-year revenue grew 3.4 percent to $22.12 billion, driven primarily by growth of 21.6 percent in business services revenue and 14.4 percent in residential high-speed data revenue. Net income rose 3 percent to $4.44 billion.

Time Warner Cable ended 2013 with 44,000 IntelligentHome customers, an increase of 32,000 subscribers during the year. IntelligentHome is now offered virtually throughout the company’s footprint.

During the fourth quarter, TWC added 16,000 commercial buildings to its network, ending the year with connectivity to 860,000 commercial buildings.

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