Time Warner Cable develops STB on RDK platform

Time Warner Cable – in association with Humax, a digital set-top box manufacturer, developed the IP-based set-top box (STB).

The cable service provider will develop the STB, which features its next generation cloud navigator, integrating the Reference Design Kit (RDK) platform.

Time Warner Cable is planning to deploy the new IP set-top boxes in select markets by the end of 2014.

The cloud navigator features HTML 5 cloud-based navigation guide and provides better user experience with search capabilities and additional program information.

Matthew Zelesko, Time Warner Cable’s Senior Vice President, Converged Technology Group. “The RDK continues to evolve thanks to the collaboration and joint efforts of the RDK community.”

Time Warner Cable and Comcast announced their RDK joint venture last year to promote the RDK as the platform software solution for the cable industry.

The RDK code is located beneath, and independent of, the application framework or UE/UX/UI layer of these devices. The RDK is supported by more than 125 licensees including: CE manufacturers, SOCs vendors, software developers, system integrators, and TV service providers.

The RDK is available at no cost for licensees, and RDK member companies can contribute software changes and enhancements to the RDK stack. It is administered by RDK Management, a joint venture between Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, and Liberty Global.

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