YipTV relies on Akamai media delivery solutions

YipTV, which offers more than 100 live TV channels, uses cloud-based media delivery solutions from Akamai to scale to serve large audiences with better Internet viewing experience.

The Broadband OTT television service allows subscribers to watch 18 live TV channels free on any broadband-connected device including smartphones.

Akamai cloud media services offer optimized video delivery quality and performance for audiences on any screen without YipTV having to build infrastructure itself.

YipTV targets the more than 40 million foreign-born people living in the U.S. with TV programming.

YipTV CIO Giancarlo Paolillo said Akamai’s global cloud solutions have allowed YipTV to protect channels and users by leveraging Akamai’s media content security technologies.

Akamai has also assisted YipTV to reduce network lag time by acquiring digital signals of the live TV channels it offers close to their origination points.

YipTV delivers video on demand by leveraging Akamai’s distribution of ingest points.

The broadband OTT player leverages Akamai’s comprehensive media analytics to measure online video quality and audience behavior.

John Bishop, CTO, Media at Akamai, said: “Delivering OTT video content must be seamless, fast and scalable.  Our Media Delivery Solutions are designed to help services like YipTV engage their subscribers by delivering content at the highest possible quality.”

YipTV is available over any type of wired or wireless broadband connection and uses Internet-based delivery technology at $14.99 a month.

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