BT makes investment in enterprise customer service centre in Belfast

BT has made an investment of one million pound for opening a new managed customer service centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The new customer service...
TIM logo unveiled

TIM taps Cisco to renew its OPM infrastructure

TIM announced its agreement with Cisco Systems to renew its OPM infrastructure in Italy as part of the strategy for accelerating network transformation. TIM earlier...

BT Italia to cut 205 jobs in Italy

BT Italia will cut 205 jobs from 950 people currently employed in Italy as part of improving profit and identifying new growth areas. The plan...
Average MTR in the UK

Ofcom: mobile termination rate for all telecoms to cut

UK regulator Ofcom announced its plan to review mobile termination rate for all telecom operators in the country. Ofcom said its latest measures indicate that...
BT offers free WiFi in London

BT offers free Wi-Fi, phone and digital services in London – replacing payphones

BT has started replacing payphones in London streets offering free public Wi-Fi service with up to one gigabit per second (1Gbps) Internet speed, free...
TIM Italy

TIM offers 1,000 Mbps broadband in 70 municipalities in Italy

Telecom giant TIM has launched broadband connection speed of up to 1,000 Mbps in 70 municipalities in Italy and on the 4.5G network. The strategy...

Nokia bags broadband project from Poland government

Nokia has bagged a tender from Poland government to build and operate fiber optic networks to deliver broadband to residences and schools in 12...
Vodafone broadband

Vodafone IoT network supports mHealth co Smart Meter

Vodafone is offering Internet of Things (IoT) network to Smart Meter, a mobile health (mHealth) services provider for diabetes management, to address its customer...
Orange for mobile phone users

Orange expands IoT network to 4,000 towns

Telecom operator Orange said its Internet of Things (IoT) network based on LoRa technology now covers close to 4,000 towns and industrial sites --...
Three UK operator

Three faces £1.9 mn penalty for emergency call failure

Ofcom said UK telecom operator Three is facing a penalty of £1.9 million for its failure in offering emergency call service to mobile phone...

Openreach demonstrates 100Gbps broadband service

Openreach, a BT group company, has demonstrated 100Gbps broadband service at BT’s R&D centre at Adastral Park, UK. The live demonstration uses a standard residential...

BT develops SDN architecture for broadcast network

BT has developed its software-defined network (SDN) architecture to enable advanced broadcast network for cutting down cost. BT is conducting the technology trials at the...
MASMOVIL and Ericsson

Ericsson in telecom equipment deal with MASMOVIL

Telecom equipment maker Ericsson announced its deal with MASMOVIL, the fourth-largest telecom operator in Spain. MASMOVIL is aiming to consolidate its equipment requirements under a...

BT customers reduced their carbon emissions by 10 million tons

BT said its products revenue contributed to carbon abatement totaled £5.3 billion, representing 22 percent of its total revenue last year. This figure, up £1.7...
Fon, the World's Leading Carrier WiFi Provider

EU nations to offer free WiFi hotspots in public places

The European Union has decided to offer free Internet connection in public spaces throughout the entire bloc to its citizens and visitors, the European...
Vodafone India SIM cards

Vodafone and rival Melita to combine telecom operations in Malta

Vodafone Malta and rival Melita will combine their telecom operations in Malta, Europe in a deal valued at nearly €500 million -- to take...



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