Telecom statistics

telecom services spending forecast for 2020

Forecast on spending on telecom and pay TV services: IDC

Spending on telecommunications and pay TV services will drop 0.8 percent to nearly $1.6 trillion in 2020. The IDC report said the decline in spending...
Huawei 5G base station in China

2G-5G RAN market achieves single-digit growth in first quarter

The 2G-5G radio access network (RAN) infrastructure equipment market achieved single-digit growth in the first quarter of 2020, according to Dell’Oro Group. 5G NR comprised...
IT spending forecast for 2020 from Gartner

Spending on communication services will dip 4.5% in 2020: Gartner

The latest Gartner report said spending on communication services will decrease 4.5 percent to $1296.627 billion in 2020. Spending on communication services had already dropped...
LTE router from EE

5G and LTE router / gateway market to reach $3 bn in 2024: IDC

IDC expects LTE routers to experience double-digit growth in 2020. 5G wireless routers will add to this year's forecast, supported by initial commercial deployments...
Smartphone user in France

Telecom spending to decline by 0.8 percent in 2020: IDC

The latest IDC report today indicated that telecom spending will decline by 0.8 percent in 2020. Carriers will invest in 5G network deployments in many...
Top telecom operators based on Capex spending

Top 20 telecoms with Capex spending

Research report from MTN Consulting has revealed the latest statistics on the Capex of top 20 telecom operators. China Mobile is the #1 telecom operator...
GDP forecast by IMF

Telecom service spending may not grow despite spike in data: IDC

Telecommunication services spending are forecast to reach $1.6 trillion in 2020 with nearly flat growth compared to 2019, the latest IDC report said. The increase...
Flat panel display for smartphones

Flat-panel displays sale to drop 11% to 3.2 bn units

Shipments of flat-panel displays (FPD) are expected to drop by 11.1 percent to 3.2 billion units in 2020 from 3.6 billion in 2019 as...
Qualcomm share in baseband market in 2019

Qualcomm grabs 53% share in 5G baseband market, beating HiSilicon and Samsung LSI

The cellular baseband processor market dropped 3 percent to $20.9 billion in 2019, according to Strategy Analytics. Qualcomm, HiSilicon,Intel, MediaTek, and Samsung LSI captured the top-five revenue share rankings...
SaaS in telecoms software revenue

SaaS-related revenue to reach $10.7 bn driven by BSS spending

SaaS-related revenue will grow to $10.7 billion by 2023 -- driven primarily by spending on BSS and led by SPs’ spending on 5G-enabled services,...
Huawei 5G base station in China

Telecoms Capex forecast to grow at 1% CAGR during 2019-2022

Telecom Capex on wireless and wireline business is projected to grow at one percent CAGR between 2019 and 2022, according to a report from...
Deutsche Telekom 5G network

5G forecast to account for 19.3% of mobile subscriptions in 2024: GSA

5G will account for 19.3 percent of the global mobile subscriptions in 2024, with LTE dominating at 59.4 percent of all global mobile subscriptions. 5G...
India server share of HPE and Dell in 2019

Server market share of HPE, Dell, Cisco in India during 2019

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dell Technologies, Cisco and Lenovo are the leaders in the India x86 server market, according to IDC. HPE has a server...
ZTE US challenge

ZTE takes lead in optical network market

ZTE has increased optical network market share in 2019 by 2.482 percent, grabbing the No.1 position globally, according to the latest market report of Omdia. ZTE grew the most...
Deutsche Telekom 5G network

5G connections reached 17.7 mn in 2019: 5G Americas

The number of 5G connections reached over 17.7 million globally in 2019, according to 5G Americas. 4G LTE took roughly 10 quarters, or until Q1...
GCC smartphone market 2019

Smartphone share of Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei in Gulf region

Smartphone shipments to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) increased 6.3 percent quarter on quarter in Q4 2019 to 5.15 million units,...



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