AT&T fiber network offers 300 Mbps broadband access to businesses

AT&T announced a new U-verse broadband service with 300 Mbps speed for businesses.

AT&T Business Internet service will offer upload and download speeds – over AT&T’s fiber network – up to 300 Mbps initially, with future plans to offer speeds up to 1 Gbps.

AT&T Business Fiber is the first new service introduced under the company’s Fiber to the Building program, which is part of Project Velocity IP.

The project includes plans to reach more than 1 million additional business customer locations with fiber in AT&T’s wireline service area.

To date, AT&T has deployed fiber to more than half a million additional business customer locations across its wireline service area.

The new high speed Internet service is available to more than 16,000 businesses located in AT&T Fiber Ready Buildings in Austin, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Detroit; Indianapolis; Sacramento, Calif.; and Orlando, Fla.  Additional markets where the company expects to launch AT&T Business Fiber will be announced later this year.

The starting price is $50 per month for 25 Mbps asymmetric service.

GameStop is one of the customers of AT&T business Internet service.

Jeff Donaldson, senior vice president of the GameStop Technology Institute, said: “AT&T Business Fiber service is the right network solution to not only help address our demanding IT infrastructure needs today, but to also help us implement the next evolutionary stage of our in-store retail capabilities.”