Cloudmark launches advanced mobile messaging security solution


Cloudmark announced the launch of the Cloudmark Mobile
Messaging Security Solution, a fully comprehensive security offering which
encompasses a global reporting and analysis component, as well as an automated,
active messaging filtering solution. In conjunction with the launch of the new
solution, the company has also launched its 2011 Mobile Spam Guide, a definitive toolkit
designed to help the wider ecosystem address the growing problem of mobile


The Cloudmark Mobile Messaging Security Solution is a high-performance, carrier-grade messaging security solution that will
enable operators to combat ever-evolving messaging threats with advanced mobile
anti-virus, subscriber behavior analysis and subscriber preference


The new solution allows mobile operators to rapidly
create customized scenarios which best suit the needs of their individual
network and subscriber base, while also protecting against annoying and
malicious spam activityPrevents viruses, malware and malicious code from
reaching handsets, identifying infected handsets and helping operators to
remediate, protects subscribers from financial fraud with real-time
intelligence on ‘bad’ senders and links, prevents spam and other
unwanted/abusive content from reaching subscribers and engaging them with a
spam reporting channel and enforces per-subscriber blacklists and whitelists.


Messaging security threats are an increasing problem for
both mobile operators and subscribers. Recent research conducted by Cloudmark
indicated that more than 70 percent of mobile spam was financial fraud related.
Additionally, mobile spam has already had significant impact on operators
financially-not just in terms of customer churn costs but also due to the
impact that high volumes of spam traffic can have on an already over burdened


Mobile spam, fraud and malware have become a real
problem for operators and subscribers alike over the last twelve months,” said
Alan Ranger, vice president of mobile marketing at Cloudmark.


The high returns available in the mobile channel have
attracted attacks from traditional email spammers, who bring with them 10
years’ experience in avoiding detection in the fixed-line world. The Cloudmark
Mobile Messaging Security Solution provides operators with the requisite tools
to effectively address this problem now and help to prevent mobile messaging
attacks from becoming as prominent as email attacks,” Ranger added.


The latest release of the Cloudmark Mobile Platform not
only allows operators to protect against rapidly mutating attacks but also
provides them visibility into, and control over, their networks. Building on
over ten years’ experience protecting 1.6 billion subscribers globally, the
Cloudmark Mobile Platform is the only solution with the ability to report and
flag anomalies on the network in real-time, as well as proactively protect
mobile operators and their subscribers from new and emerging threats.


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