Teleworkers experience poor services from operators

55 percent of online teleworkers who use a smartphone or
cell phone for teleworking experience problems with their service while
teleworking including poor signal, dead zones or dropped calls, according to
the annual zBoost State of the Signal Survey commissioned by Wi-Ex and conducted online by Harris Interactive from April 5-7, 2011.

The survey also found that almost 60 percent of online
teleworkers who own a cell phone or smartphone said a cell phone or smartphone
is extremely or very important to successfully teleworking.


Teleworking is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s
workplace. From transportation challenges with the high cost of gas and long
commutes to added flexibility and work life balance, employees and companies
are embracing teleworking, but without the right tools teleworking can become a
frustrating experience.No one can afford to miss or drop more than 50 percent
of their business calls.


“It’s why so many of use cell phones for business in
the first place, but they Have to work – that means they need a strong signal
and in 50 percent of the cases, they need an indoor signal booster like
zBoost,” said Sharon Cuppett, vice president of marketing, Wi-Ex.

The zBoost line allows users to take full advantage of data,
voice and Internet services on their iPhones, BlackBerry, DROID, connected
devices, smartphones and other mobile phones including 3G high-speed data and
video, instant messaging, pictures and more – at home, in their personal
workspace or in a corporate office, both in the U.S. and abroad.


By Team