Ericsson in pact with Guardtime for secured cloud portfolio

Ericsson announced its partnership with security technology vendor Guardtime to integrate Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology into Ericsson cloud portfolio.

The company said the new offerings will be forensically provable, data will have attribution with historical provenance and evidence will be portable and independently verifiable.

The usage of new technology enables data owners can use big data with verifiable confidence. Third party customers of such infrastructure can trust their data to the outsourced telecommunication and mobile carrier.

Jason Hoffman, vice president and head of Cloud Software at Ericsson, said: :Through the integration of Guardtime technologies into Ericsson’s cloud portfolio integrity validation of customer’s operations is possible enabling real-time detection and response to Advanced Persistence Threats (APTs), malicious insiders and corrupt practices.”

Ericsson and Guardtime partnership will enable all businesses and governments to monetize their data assets with confidence and knowledge of data history with proof.

Ericsson offerings have built in forensics capabilities at point of receipt and offer real time protection, said a statement from the company.